Lookbook : Enchanted Garden

IMG_8070 (2)

Have you ever been so happy with the outcome of a situation that it literally gets you all dumbstruck and you can’t even think straight? No, I’m not talking about falling in love, even though it feels the same, I’m actually talking about what happened to me when Tammy emailed me these images and I realised I had no idea what I was going to write in this post, because the way she captured my dress literally speaks for itself.

I generally go into these blog shoots with very little idea of what I want because I don’t want to create any expectations, also I’m ridiculously indecisive and change my mind way too often to commit to an idea. But for this specific shoot, I knew I wanted to shoot this dress in a natural setting where it could be fun and whimsical, like a little princess playing in the park. I didn’t exactly plan the shoot in my head ahead of time, mostly I just winged it and hoped for the best, but lucky for me, it worked out and in this case, the camera was definitely on my side.

IMG_8088 (2)IMG_8104 (2)

This dress is actually a DIY project I made a few months ago, which I never got around to doing a look post for, even though that was half the reason I made it. Before I started, I knew exactly what I wanted the dress to look like, and more or less which fabric I wanted to use, but we all know shit doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, especially when you really want to get something done.

IMG_8084 (2)

Firstly, I couldn’t find any fabric close to what I was looking for, obviously, because Murphy’s Law. Secondly, I couldn’t find anything remotely close to the olive colour I was envisioning in my head – because wtf makes olive DIY’s in SA right? – and lastly the fabric store I was in, only had two stretchy green fabrics – like in the entire store – one of which is now in the form of this dress. I actually kind of forgot what the name of the fabric was, but it’s basically 100% spandex if I remember correctly. I was a little hesitant to purchase it at first because it was a little expensive and it wasn’t what I was actually looking for, but damn… best decision ever! The fabric is so soft (like baby skin soft), I legit fall in love with it every time I put the dress on, not to mention the fact that it fits me like a second skin…BONUS!!

Spandex is a little hard to work with while sewing because the fabric does slip the entire time, not to mention the fact that it stretches easily. You literally have to be extra careful when sewing the seams to ensure that they remain aligned and you don’t end up with skew seams on the garment, because it WILL affect the fit of the garment. Other than that I’d say it’s a great fabric to use, it’s easy to wash and it’s super comfortable, but I’m obviously being biased because this is one of my favourite creations.

IMG_8081 (5)

IMG_8106 (2)

I paired it with my favourite pair of black ankle booties – you might actually see these often, because I really do love them that much – and I kept my hair simple with two Dutch braids, because I’m minimalist like that. Also, I’m still amazed that my makeup worked out so well, considering I did my entire face in the car on the way to town, so there’s another bright side.

IMG_8103 (2)

These pictures truly exceed all of what I had envisioned for this look book, I honestly did feel like a little princess in a park, except for the aggressive looking squirrels which kept trying to climb me like a tree – I’m actually not joking or exaggerating, I was fearing for my life – and the hundreds of pigeons, which continuously threatened to poop storm us. All in all, it worked out great, and I hope all of you enjoyed the read as well as the dress. If you didn’t, well, tough shit, I think it’s majestic…LOL

Until next time, Namaste bitches x


Images by Tammy Jacobus

Dress : DIY

Shoes : Luella

Watch : Michael Kors




Lookbook : Streetstyle – NFL Edition


e440d85ec7d593fa-photo-full (2)

Aaaand I’m back… Took my ass long enough right? LOL

I’m so sorry for slacking so bad and not posting anything, I know it’s been a ridiculously long time, but I’m finally on break and have loads of ideas to get myself back into all these posts.

This post was kind of spontaneous because before I saw these images, I had no idea what I was going to write about. Lucky for me, Tammy is a great motivator when it comes to creating content. I’m telling you, every girl needs a friend like her, she literally keeps me in check when I need a boost and gets all sorts of creative juices flowing every time she’s around. Also, she just knows how to take the best pictures, which lead to this little look book right here.

b8dd624bec0b2838-photo (2)

Firstly, yes… it isn’t black and white!! Complete shocker, LOL, but I am trying to change it up a little. Actually the real reason I’m branching out is that my sister has literally banned me from purchasing any leggings – besides workout tights – so I’ve been forced to finally start wearing all the jeans I’ve been hoarding in my cupboard over the years, and not all of them are black, go figure.

This particular pair of jeans has been my favourite lately, since I’m obsessed with the way Sissy Boy jeans fit me – I’m a die-hard fan, what can I say. Note: All of my jeans are tailored to fit me this way, I have really skinny legs and jeans never fit my non-existent calves, so I do alter them to hug my legs. Skin tight jeans are a preference, just because I feel that I look awkward in anything that isn’t tailored to my body, so no, jeans don’t naturally fit me this way, as much as I wish they did.

ab3326c774655218-photo (2)

I decided to style them with this low-cut NFL tank which happens to be from the menswear section at Cotton On – I’m low key into menswear for women – and a black lace bralet, because I had to bring a little femininity to my otherwise sporty outfit and bam, that’s that. To complete the look, I threw on a pair of black Vans – most comfy shoes ever – and a black leather biker jacket, because it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and I can’t be freezing my titties off, even if it is in the name of fashion. Suffer for beauty doesn’t apply here.

KealinTamsen-Streetstyle10 (2)

I have been in more of a lazy mood lately, so many of my outfits have been more laid back and less girly, but I will try to stay true to my princess nature and not stray too far from my girly ways in future look books.

I hope you guys loved this look as much as I did. Don’t be afraid to shop in the menswear department or even in the kiddies department – if the sizes fit – if you see pieces that you love, there are no rules when it comes to personal style. My sister and I do it all the time, despite the side-eye looks we get from the other shoppers – yes bitches, we see you!

IMG_7816 (2)

IMG_7818 (2)

Lastly, shout out to my little sister and bestie, to whom my very first tattoo is dedicated. I’m proud of you for being brave and finally living the life you were meant to live.

Until next time, Namaste bitches x

09cb880c5ede1775-photo (3)

Photos by Tammy Jacobus

Grey NFL Tank (Menswear) : Cotton On

Black Lace Bralet : Cotton On Body

Jeans : Sissy Boy

Leather Biker Jacket : YDE

Shoes : Vans

Chocker : DIY

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Colour Review : Pillar Box Red


IMG_5904Hey guys, I’m back… and so is my ultra – bright little mermaid hair. As you all know, at the end of January 2016, I decided to dye my hair red, which you can read all about in my The Little Mermaid post here. The L’Oréal colour stayed on my hair for all of one week before most of the colour washed out, which left me very disappointed because the dye was supposedly permanent, according to the label on the box.

After a few weeks, my hair turned this terrible copper/rose gold colour, which doesn’t sound all that terrible, but I absolutely hated it, which meant I definitely had to dye it again, and soon! I really liked the bright red colour I initially started with, but I wanted something that was a little brighter and less of an orange this time.

 I had spotted the Schwarzkopf Live Color in store quite a few times while originally searching for a red hair colour, but using it skipped my mind because the product was marked as semi- permanent and that seemed like a waste of time and money to me, at the time. I’m not one for maintenance, it makes me tired, I mean most days I don’t even brush my hair, now I have to commit to touching up my hair every week, like who has time for that?!

Anyway since my previous ‘permanent hair colour’ turned out to be such a failure, I decided to purchase the Schwarzkopf Live XXL colour in the shade 92- Pillar Box Red. They also stock them in two other shades 94 – Purple Punk and 95 – Electric Blue, if you’re feeling adventurous. There are more shades in the colour range but unfortunately these are the only three available in South Africa. All these colours are available at Click’s retailers around South Africa and they retail for about R95.00 per box, which is awesome considering the quality of the product.



So what’s inside the box?

Each box contains:

1 x tube of semi – permanent hair colour

2 x sachets of conditioner

1 x set of gloves

1 x Instruction Manual

The process is pretty straight forward as there isn’t any mixing of the product required, so you use it directly from the tube. I won’t bore you with the application process, because it’s pretty standard. Just be sure to wear the gloves and protect your skin during the application process, because it will stain anything and everything it comes into contact with – like some of the items in my bathroom, LOL!

My first impression…

I didn’t know what exactly to expect from this product, but I tried to keep quite an open mind about it before I started, just to give it a fair chance – since I was so excited about my first red colour and I’m still not over the disappointment. The instructions say that you can squeeze the product directly from the tube onto your hand for application, but since I had to use 2 boxes of dye for my Rapunzel hair – (2 boxes recommended for hair longer than shoulder length), I thought it would just be easier to squeeze both tubes into a bowl first. The tube is a little hard and the product is quite thick so you have to press quite a bit to get all the product out, which was probably the only downside to the entire process.

Although the dye is quite thick, it saturates the hair quite well – be sure to work in small sections to get precise application, because no one likes patchy hair colour, unless you want to look ratchet, in which case, that’s your own business #JustSaying. My absolute favourite thing about this product however, has to be the smell. To me this shit smelled like strawberries or strawberry candy and anything that smells like something I love, is great in my books, well done Schwarzkopf!

I left the product on for quite a while (like 40 minutes) because I wanted my hair to be super bright – like my cheek highlight on a good day, or my future, whatever – and oh boy did it deliver. I mean I thought I loved my red hair the first time around but damn girl, this colour was like 100000000 times better! It wasn’t too orange and it wasn’t too pink, it was the perfect balance between the two, a pure red, which I am now completely obsessed with. The conditioner in the sachets provides works as well as any conditioner should, it has a very nice scent to it and it makes your hair quite soft too. It’s supposed to increase shine and care for your hair which it does, so I honestly can’t complain about it, even though I prefer to use my own sulphate free conditioner.


It’s been just over 2 weeks and about 5 washes later and the colour is only now starting to fade, which is a lot better than the first attempt with the L’Oréal Feria Preference. When I shower it does look like someone died around me but even with that I can see that not a lot of colour washes out, even the first time I washed my hair after dyeing it. Overall I am really impressed with this product. For a semi – permanent colour, it honestly did deliver a lot better than a lot of permanent dyes I’ve used in the past. I’ll probably keep using this product for the foreseeable future – well for as long as I keep my hair red that is. I think it’s safe to say that I am now a Schwarzkopf hair colour groupie, because this product has definitely won my heart. If you were wondering if you should use this product, the answer is Hell Yes. Obviously the results will differ, according to your hair colour before dyeing, but either way, you probably won’t be disappointed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, have a wonderful week and keep slaying!

Until next time, Namaste bitches x



Battle of the Concealers


There are some people out there, the ones blessed by angels with perfect skin, who are just lucky enough not to have to wear any makeup to look human, while others – namely me, have to rely on a beautiful little creation called concealer to save me from looking like a real life iZombie all day long.

I suffer from extreme dark circles, which unfortunately for me, runs in the family. No amount of sleep, eye cream or water will be able to cure it, but lucky for me I always have a little concealer nearby to save me from looking like the walking dead.

Now since I swear by this stuff and I obviously have some insane dark circles to cover up, it’s safe to say that I can tell a good concealer from a bad one. That’s not to say that the one’s I dislike won’t work for you, I’m writing this review solely from my perspective and how these concealers work FOR ME. I’ve picked 5 different concealers, giving my full opinion on all of them, so be prepared for a long post – I apologise in advance, and welcome to the battle of the concealers. May the odds be ever in their favour.


First up we have a ‘holy grail’ staple that’s used all around the world, often considered a dupe for MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer, LA Girl’s Pro Conceal HD concealer. Now I have watched countless YouTube tutorials and read various reviews and blogs about this stuff. Before I bought it I did a lot of research to know exactly what it was all about, which got me all excited because this product just seemed too good to be true. I mean high quality, full coverage concealer that retails at only R30.00 a tube? That can’t be right can it??? Well that’s what they were saying, so I tested it out and I’ll give it to you straight. I had really high expectations regarding this concealer and after trying it, I only have one thing to say… Nope, I’m just not about this. I mean the darker shades if used for contouring are good for sure, but for covering dark circles, it’s a no from me.


I found that I needed to apply at least three layers of this stuff to cover any darkness around my eyes, also when I blended it in with my beauty blender, it made little clumps around my eyes that looked absolutely terrible. The one day that I did manage to make it work for me, after about 4hours of wear, it started separating around my nose area and by the time I got home after a long day out, I looked like I was wearing eyepatches – picture a panda face but with the colours inverted.

I know I shouldn’t have expected much from something that costs only R30.00, but I honestly expected more from the great reviews it received. I’m actually really disappointed and since this concealer has no pros for me – except the price point, I’d say that LA Girl is definitely out of the running.

Next up we have a sneaky little contestant, who flies under the radar but is secretly amazing!! Essence Stay All Day 16H Concealer is literally one of the best concealers I have ever tried. I could only ever find them at Dis-Chem stores and they retailed around R48.00 if I’m not mistaken. Note: I haven’t seen these concealers around for a while, so I’m guessing that Dis-Chem no longer stocks them, but if any of you are lucky enough to see these, buy them, you honestly won’t be sorry. The quality is great and so is the coverage. It comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator for easy application and blends really well. It isn’t cakey or dry and lasts a good few hours before fading, also it doesn’t separate, which already makes me happy… I’m just sad that I can no longer find these little gems, I will probably try to be buying them online now.


Okay so now we get to the ‘higher’ price points regarding concealers. All three of these concealers are from MAC Cosmetics and they are all stated to be for different applications. But like it’s my face so I’ll just use them in whichever way I please, in case any of you want to throw shade about me using it incorrectly.

First up… MAC Studio Finish Concealer. This concealer retails at R275.00 for a 7g tub and is so worth every cent you pay. This is by far one of my favourite MAC products so far and I honestly can’t even live without this stuff. It is quite thick in consistency and is used to cover up blemishes and dark circles apparently – even though the girl at MAC told me it isn’t recommended for under the eyes, but obviously I don’t care, because it is my face and I know what works for my face. This concealer is basically ‘industrial strength’ since it can be used to cover tattoo’s, so I apply it over my dark circles and blemishes before I apply foundation, which eliminates about 80% of the darkness right off the bat. It is a little thick so you have to use it in tiny amounts, which means the tub lasts pretty long, but damn does it work. It WILL cover any spot or scar you have and it doesn’t move round your face at all. Definitely in the top 2 for me, I live for this stuff. If I had to recommend a concealer to anyone for overall use, it would be this one.


Next is, the MAC Conceal and Correct Duo tube. Retailing at R360.00 (Sorry that the name rubbed off the tube in the picture). It consists of 2 concealer colours, this one is in Mid-Peach/Mid-Yellow, but they have them in darker tones too. I barely ever use the yellow shade but the peachy shade is my go to under eye brightener. It states that this concealer is opaque but if used alone, it doesn’t provide the greatest coverage. I find that it works well when applied over your foundation, with no blending hassles and stays in tact all day if set with powder. I do like this concealer because I know how to make it work for me but it is a bit pricey considering I only use one side. If you aren’t looking for full coverage, this is a nice concealer to have, but if you want perfect coverage, you might want to skip this one.


Last but not least we have the cult favourite, MAC Pro Longwear concealer, which retails for R295.00 for a 9g glass tube. Okay so I must admit, I don’t know how I feel about this concealer just yet. I’ve had it for a few months and I very rarely use it. To be honest, a lot of the time I forget that I even have it, I think I’ve used it like 3 times max so far in the past 3 months, LOL. But I can say that I don’t hate it. I mean I obviously don’t love it; the way I love the Studio Finish concealer but it’s still pretty good. It gives a good amount of coverage, which you have to build, depending on what you’re covering and it doesn’t break up or melt off your face, which already has it at 4 stars, but I do hate the packaging and that is probably why I don’t use it as often. Pumps work on foundation, they don’t work on concealer, I mean this sh*t is expensive and I waste a lot of it because 1 pump is too little but 2 pumps is too much. Anyway, I’d say this concealer probably works just as well as the Essence concealer does. It is easy to blend although it does crease quite quickly, but that’s a minor issue that can be touched up. I’d love it more if they changed the packaging but overall it is a good concealer to have. It can be used for light coverage as well as full coverage if you build it, so I’d regard it as a staple for sure, right next to the Studio Finish I am so clearly obsessed with.


Overall I can’t really pick a clear winner because I use these concealers in different ways depending on the occasion, but the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer is definitely the clear loser, which makes me quite sad because I had such high hopes for it. I don’t know how well this concealer works for others but for me, using them under my eyes just doesn’t work, and I’ll probably just use the tubes I have to highlight and contour my face from now on.

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I hope this review has helped you guys in some way. I will definitely be trying to branch out and try some other concealers in the future and review those for you too. Also sorry for the super long post, LOL, I know I usually keep it short!

Until next time, Namaste bitches x


Currently obsessed with… March Favourites


Before we start… No I am not obsessed with March, LOL. I just thought I’d try something different this week and decided to tell you guys about the products I’m currently crazy about, there are four of them, so this post might be a little long, fair warning!

About three months ago, I picked up two new fragrances because 1. I was out of perfume and 2. I couldn’t pick just one so I bought both and I’m not ashamed. My first choice was the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (R1355 for 50ml) , which has oriental-fresh, floral jasmine rose scents to it – it smells like luxury if I had to describe it any any way. The packaging isn’t too elaborate but has a certain sophistication about it because it is quite dainty with pretty gold accents. Okay I won’t lie, the main reason I bought this was because I’m obsessed with everything Coco Chanel, now all of you know something new about me. This perfume also literally keeps it’s scent all day long. I mean usually you can stop smelling fragrances on your body after a few minutes of applying it, but I can smell this on myself all day. It also seems to be quite a popular Chanel fragrance, almost a cult favourite, which speaks volumes in itself…One word..Amazing!


The other fragrance I purchased was Valentina by Valentino at R1610 for the 80ml bottle, which I think is a seriously good price for the size. It has notes of Calabrian bergamot, white alba truffles, jasmine, amalfi orange blossom and wild strawberries – got this description off the Red Square website btw – which sounds like a crazy combination, but trust me it smells sooooo good! I can describe it as a clean kind of sweet fragrance – not in a bad way, more like what I imagine a little French chateau in the countryside would smell like. I honestly think it’s one of the best smelling perfumes ever, and definitely the best product I’ve purchased in the past few months like I mean the packaging alone is a selling point, isn’t it just gorgeous? So if any of you guys ever run into me at some point and think I smell great, chances are you’re smelling this little gem of a fragrance, because it has definitely become a scent I’ll wear forever and I’m sort of addicted to wearing it,Lol.


Both of these fragrances can be purchased at any leading perfume retailer but I just happened to purchase mine at Red Square. So if you guys are in the market for some great fragrances, they do have a pretty good selection.

Next up, I just had to add in this nail polish since I have a love hate relationship with almost every nail polish I have ever tried. I usually love it for the first day, and then it goes and disappoints me by chipping, often just a few hours after application – yes this happens to me a lot. I’ve tried various topcoats, base coats, long lasting, gel… the works… the damn stuff just won’t stay on, also I don’t bother getting professional salon polishes applied because my nails grow way too fast. I’ve tried Essie polishes in the past and they have so far been the one nail product that has stayed on my nails, un-chipped for at least 2-3 days – keeping in mind that I wash my hands at least 20+ times a day.


I recently got this specific Essie polish from Tammy, in the colour Perennial Chic, which is a nude colour with peachy undertones. So obviously it’s no surprise that I wear it 90% of the time now, Lol. I just love that the polish stays on for a good amount of days before chipping plus it isn’t a hassle to remove once it does chip, I won’t mention any names because gosh that is a post in itself. Yes, Essie is a little expensive at R124,95 a bottle, but it definitely is well worth the price. The colour obviously varies according to the amount of coats you apply, but even just one coat will give you a nice glossy colour. In the picture below I am wearing 2 coats so the colour is a lot more concentrated, which I prefer because it does last longer for me. But I think from now on I’ll definitely stick to what I know works best, which is clearly these great Essie polishes.

Now on to my favourite purchase of the month, which has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, but it’s pretty so just humour me. I’ve literally been obsessing over ‘lace detail’ phone covers for a good few months now, but I’m always left disappointed because all the good ones can only be bought online at ridiculous prices. Like seriously now, who wants to pay R600 for a plastic cover for your phone?! Lucky for me, I just happened to walk into Typo the other day and saw this cute little case hanging on the phone cover display. Obviously I didn’t think twice, I just grabbed it and it only cost me R129.00…Yaaas Bitch!! It’s made of a clear, hard plastic with white lace patterns all over the back, it also has all the necessary openings for the buttons and ports on the phone.

It isn’t the greatest quality and finishing in the world but it’s easy to put on and take off and it serves its purpose sort of. I secretly pray every day that my phone doesn’t fall because this cover can’t protect shit, but it does protect the back of the phone from scratches and looks pretty, like really pretty (See…Obsessed!) – Yes sometimes I just want things to be pretty even if they aren’t very practical. Typo does have quite a nice range of phone covers in store and I would probably purchase more in future, hopefully one that’s still cute but offers more protection, because right now my iPhone is living on the wild side of life, unprotected and exposed, but at least I have a lace detail cover, LOL!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about my picks for the month; hopefully I’ll get better at this in future and start doing some product reviews too.

Until next time, Namaste bitches x


Fragrances: Red Square (Edgars)

Nail Polish : Essie

Phone Cover: Typo

Hat: Hout Bay Market



As much as I love Summer, being exposed to Cape Town’s heat for prolonged periods of time can be a bit much. I’m not going to lie, I’m honestly starting to feel nostalgic for some cool cosy weather. I just miss being warm and comfortable, also some hot chocolate on the daily wouldn’t be bad. Luckily, tomorrow marks the first month of Autum , which is probably my favourite season of all. It’s just the perfect balance between hot and cold, not to mention all the gorgeous Autumn colours we’ll now be able to wear – cue dark lipstick!

Tammy recently found this gorgeous mustard brown suede – the perfect Autumn colour – at a fabric store in town and was kind enough to share some of it with me. I’ve been obsessing over suede for a while now so I was all too happy to get my d.i.y juices flowing when she offered me some of it. At first I wasn’t very sure about the colour – I don’t do mustard- but then I saw the fabric in person and it was just so soft and warm, I literally couldn’t resist.


Originally I wanted to sew a little miniskirt, but then I thought about it and realised, a mini skirt is just not my style. I’m more of a tailored skirt type of girl, like Kim Kardashian – and no, I’m not trying to look like her, obviously, I mean let’s be real, I’m build like a toothpick, but I used her as an example because I can appreciate that the girl knows how to dress – for the most part. Shit, I should probably have used Victoria Beckham as a more accurate example, but you guys get the point right? So I settled on this little pencil skirt and even added a kick pleat for a little something extra, which I have never done before, but managed to ace after watching a YouTube tutorial – Tammy’s influence LOL! Note: YouTube is great for diy’s, especially if you are just starting out.


I decided to keep the look very chic and simple, because you know, I have got to uphold my minimalist ways. So I paired it with a simple white tank top, white strappy heels and clutch purse to match. Since everything was so simple and straight, I decided to let my hair air dry for this look, just to make it a little less structured – which turned out to be the best idea, because it was windy as hell and the unruliness of my hair actually helped me look like I had my shit together.. Lol.

I hope you guys love this suede look as much as I do. I literally felt like a modern day Pocahontas – if she had red hair and wore heels… But then again, it wouldn’t be a Kealin post if it wasn’t inspired by some sort princess.

Until next time, Namaste bitches x



Images by Tammy Jacobus (Painting In Pink)

Top: Factorie

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Aldo

Clutch: Forever New

Midi Rings: Lovisa

Sunglasses: Spitfire


White Siren


In Greek Mythology, sirens were mythical female creatures that lived on flowery islands -in certain versions of the story – and lured sailors to their death, with enchanting music and song. Oh the dream… LOL, Just kidding! But the story was the inspiration behind the name of the post.



Tammy and I shot this look in Durbanville’s enchanting little rose garden – my flowery island, which turned out to be a really great location because it complimented the look so well. Actually the name just came to me randomly before starting this post and seemed fitting since the story of sirens is so dark and gloomy (just like my love life…LMAO), and cancelled out the fact that my colour scheme just happened to be very Valentine’s Day-y. Not intentional btw, just disturbing for me because I didn’t want to add fuel to the already out of control Valentine’s Day fire which spread across the world yesterday.

Anyway, back to why we’re actually here… Scooped hem dresses! *insert excited emoji* I’ve been seeing dresses like these all over my Instagram for months now, on fashionistas such as AmrezyDesi Perkins and Kylie Jenner, as well as fashion pages, Khaki styles and White Black styles. It got to a point where I literally felt like the dress was taunting me, and it wouldn’t stop until I had one. I knew that finding one I actually like, would either 1. not exist in South Africa, or 2. be ridiculously expensive, so I did the one thing I could do… I made one myself.



It really wasn’t even that hard, I did all the fabric buying, pattern cutting and dress construction, in one day. Which trust me, is a huge feat since I tend to procrastinate like a mofo every time I need to finish something. It also cost me no more than R80 in total, compared to purchasing a dress similar to this one in store, where it would probably set me back no less than R500. Yes mark up is a bitch, especially when you know the actual value of things.

This was the first time I attempted a dress in this fabric and it was a little tricky due to the fabric handle and elasticity (the edges kept curling over), but I persevered and eventually got the dress to be perfect. Hopefully the more I experiment with fabrics, the easier it will be for me to make a wider variety of garments and save money in the process, because I mean, who doesn’t love to save, Lol?!

Until next time, Namaste bitches x


Photos by Tammy Jacobus (Painting in Pink)

Dress by me

Bracelets and earrings by Forever 21

Watch by Michael Kors

Shoes by Queue Shoes